Viktoria Saveleva. The use of a phosphor in light sources in a photo cabinet Light sources with a phosphor in a photo cabinet using laser diodes

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Submitted on: Jul 20, 2023, 18:05:45

Description: Non-thermal luminescence of a substance is called luminescence. This process occurs by absorbing excitation energy. The substance itself is called a phosphor. In chemical nature, the phosphor is divided into two groups: organic and non-organic. In fluorescent lamps and other light sources, a non-organic phosphor is used. The main purpose of using phosphor in lighting fixtures is to save energy. Another significant factor is the availability and low cost in the market. And also, the variety of colors available on the market. The use of phosphors with laser diodes is a new direction in lighting devices. It represents a huge potential for the development of innovative space lighting technologies.

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