Svetlana Tronko. Formation Of Moral And Patriotic Feelings In Pre-school Children

Social Sciences / Education / Preschools

Submitted on: Aug 31, 2023, 14:55:32

Description: Abstract. The actual problem of education is the moral and patriotic upbringing of the child was aimed at the formation of: value orientations, interests and needs, and a moral position. After all, at an early age, the foundations of the moral development of the individual are laid, and ideas, feelings, and habits are also developed, which direct its further improvement in the future life. In our country, the structure of education is focused primarily on the personality of the child and on the importance of creating the right conditions for his development. To date, the most important task of today's pedagogy is the formation of a highly moral personality through the education of moral feelings. The multifacetedness and significance of education and the instillation of these feelings in the formation of a child's personality caused close attention to research that is relevant in our modern time.

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