Aleksandr Gorbov.

Natural Sciences / Engineering Sciences / Engineering Sciences

Submitted on: Nov 09, 2023, 13:44:33

Description: Modern engines with a high-pressure pump can be equipped with a system of dynamic homogenization of the fuel mixture absolutely without minimal modifications to the fuel system. Dynamic homogenization system can be implemented on stationary combustion engines and internal combustion engines installed on vehicles. The dynamic homogenization system can be equipped with an additional system for forming fuel emulsions of two types, - compressible emulsion and incompressible emulsion. The dynamic homogenization system enables up to eight additional components to be effectively emulsified in an emulsion. The dynamic homogenization system without modification can effectively dissolve combustible gases in the liquid hydrocarbon fuel stream before injection into the combustion chamber, both on stationary internal combustion engines and on internal combustion engines mounted on vehicles.

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