Alina Poloboc. Josh Tampico

Visual Art / Paintings / Minimalism

Submitted on: Nov 28, 2023, 15:55:57

Description: Josh Tampico is a painting from the Fancy Collection 2022, portraying a charismatic and creatively charged character with a keen sense of music. This vibrant portrayal depicts the brilliant music composer from Madrid, known for his distinctive blue hair. Having collaborated with numerous internationally renowned singers, Josh Tampico is a noteworthy figure in the music industry.

The creation of this artwork is the result of a collaborative artistic project. The strategic use of the color blue by the painter Alina Poloboc in this piece symbolizes strength, trust, and creativity. Notably, the painting of Josh Tampico currently serves as both the logo and the official cover of one of his music albums.

This particular painting stands out as one of the artist's most successful works, of which she takes great pride.

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