Antoine Acke. Gravitoelectromagnetism explained by the Theory of Informatons - edition 2021

Natural Sciences / Physics / General Physics

Submitted on: Dec 20, 2023, 04:00:47

Description: This book focusses on the explanation of the gravitational interactions and phenomena as they are described and understood in the framework of gravitoelectromagnetism (GEM). GEM is a classical field theory, that is starting from the idea that the gravitational field must be isomorphic with the electromagnetic field in a vacuum. It is an extension of Newtonian gravity because it takes into account, in addition to their position, the kinematics of the gravitating objects. In this book it is shown that GEM perfectly can be explained by the ‚Eútheory of informatons‚EĚ. The theory of informatons develops the idea that any material object manifests itself in space by the emission - at a rate proportional to its rest mass - of informatons: mass and energy less granular entities rushing away with the speed of light and carrying information regarding the position and the velocity of their emitter. This implies that any material object is at the center of an expanding cloud of informatons that can be identified as the gravitational field linked to that object. It is shown that the gravitational field is a dual entity always having a field- and an induction- component simultaneously created by their common sources: time-variable masses and mass flows, that the Maxwell-Heaviside equations are the expressions at the macroscopic level of the kinematics of the informatons, that the gravitational interaction is the effect of the fact that an object in a gravitational field tends to become ‚Eúblind‚EĚ for that field by accelerating according to a Lorentz-like law, and that an accelerated object is the source of gravitational radiation.

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