John C. Hodge. Consciousness measure

Philosophy / Metaphysics / Meta-

Submitted on: Dec 21, 2023, 10:59:19

Description: Consciousness discussions lack a clear definition that would suggest a measure. The Scalar Theory of Everything (STOE) is a more fundamental model than the standard models of cosmology and quantum mechanics. The STOE holds time exists only ''now. The steaming ''now forms a structure that suggests the ability to accurately remember and to act on that memory is a measure of consciousness. Inertia is a property of the plenum. Inertia of bodies is also a form of consciousness. Therefore, rocks are conscious and consciousness is fundamental in the universe. A broad scope of consciousness is more complex. Consciousness has emerged from animals to complex human societies through oral and written media. Greater consciousness aids survival. Consciousness can be reduced because of a changing environment or because of inappropriate experience lessons of the environment. The natures of time, causation, and consciousness are really only one topic deriving from our brains instinctive interpretation of the universe.

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