D.V. Prokhorenko, V.V. Matveev. The Significance of Non-ergodicity Property of Statistical Mechanics Systems for Understanding Resting State of a Living Cell

Natural Sciences / Physics / Biophysics

Submitted on: May 18, 2012, 17:13:39

Description: A better grasp of the physical foundations of life is necessary before we can understand the processes occurring inside a living cell. In his physical theory of the cell, American physiologist Gilbert Ling introduced an important notion of the resting state of the cell. He describes this state as an independent stable thermodynamic state of a living substance in which it has stored all the energy it needs to perform all kinds of biological work. This state is characterised by lower entropy of the system than in an active state. However, Ling's approach is primarily qualitative in terms of thermodynamics and it needs to be characterised more specifically. To this end, we propose a new thermodynamic approach to studying Ling's model of the living cell (Ling's cell), the center piece of which is the non-ergodicity property which has recently been proved for a wide range of systems in statistical mechanics.

The Library of Congress (USA) reference page : http://lccn.loc.gov/cn2013300046.

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