A.E. Shalyt-Margolin. Deformed Quantum Field Theory, Thermodynamics at Low and High Energies, and Gravity. I

Natural Sciences / Physics / Quantum field theory

Submitted on: May 18, 2012, 17:25:28

Description: In this work, within the scope of the Generalized Uncertainty Principle, a model of the high energy deformation for a particular case of Einstein's equations is developed. In the process a thermodynamic description of General Relativity is used. And the deformation is understood as an extension of a particular theory by inclusion of one or several additional parameters in such a way that the initial theory appears in the limiting transition. The possibility for the high energy deformation of Einstein's equations within the scope of both equilibrium thermodynamics and non-equilibrium thermodynamics is examined. The online version is also available on arXiv.org as document 1003.4523

The Library of Congress (USA) reference page : http://lccn.loc.gov/cn2013300046.

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