Alexander Egoyan. A Possible Solution To The Hard Problem Of Consciousness Using Multidimensional Approach

Natural Sciences / Other / Trans-Disciplinarian

Submitted on: Aug 22, 2012, 04:16:08

Description: In this work a new solution to the hard problem of consciousness using multidimensional approach [1-3] is proposed. It is shown that our perceptions may be interpreted as elastic oscillations of a two dimensional membrane with closed topology embedded in our brains. According to the model our universe is also a three dimensional elastic membrane embedded into the higher dimensional space-time. The model allows us to create a unified world picture where physical and perceptual aspects of the reality are complementary. We can observe our 2d self-membranes through our perceptions, which are encoded in elastic oscillations of the elastic membrane. According to the theory, elastic membranes occupy energetically favorable positions around microtubules involved into Orch OR. Elastic membranes responsible for qualia interact with our brains and provide them with information about the character of incoming stimuli (pleasant or unpleasant), they squeeze to preserve quantum coherent states producing pleasant perceptions and stretch to avoid unpleasant ones.

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