Anatolij A. Mihajlov, Ljubinko M. Ignjatovic, Vladimir A. Sreckovic, Milan S. Dimitrijevic. Chemi-ionization in Solar Photosphere: Influence on the Hydrogen Atom excited States Population

Natural Sciences / Astronomy / Astrophysics

Submitted on: Sep 08, 2012, 06:41:24

Description: In this paper, the influence of chemi-ionization processes in $H^*(n ge 2) + H(1s)$ collisions, as well as the influence of inverse chemi-recombination processes on hydrogen atom excited-state populations in solar photosphere, are compared with the influence of concurrent electron-atom and electron-ion ionization and recombination processes. It has been found that the considered chemi-ionization/recombination processes dominate over the relevant concurrent processes in almost the whole solar photosphere. Thus, it is shown that these processes and their importance for the non-LTE modeling of the solar atmosphere should be investigated further.

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