Paolo Da Pelo, Alberto Lanconelli, Aurel I. Stan. A Hölder-Young-Lieb inequality for norms of Gaussian Wick products

Natural Sciences / Mathematics / Probability

Submitted on: Sep 08, 2012, 06:50:05

Description: An important connection between the finite dimensional Gaussian Wick product and Lebesgue convolution product will be proven first. Then this connection will be used to prove an important Hölder inequality for the norms of Gaussian Wick products, reprove Nelson hypercontractivity inequality, and prove a more general inequality whose marginal cases are the Hölder and Nelson inequalities mentioned before. We will show that there is a deep connection between the Gaussian Hölder inequality and classic Hölder inequality, between the Nelson hypercontractivity and classic Young inequality with the sharp constant, and between the third more general inequality and an extension by Lieb of the Young inequality with the best constant. Since the Gaussian probability measure exists even in the infinite dimensional case, the above three inequalities can be extended, via a classic Fatou's lemma argument, to the infinite dimensional framework.

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