Ashok Kumar Das. An Unconditionally Secure Key Management Scheme for Large-scale Heterogeneous Wireless Sensor Networks

Natural Sciences / Computer Science / Analysis of algorithms

Submitted on: Sep 10, 2012, 14:54:55

Description: Key establishment in sensor networks becomes a challenging problem because of the resource limitations of the sensors and also due to vulnerability to physical capture of the sensor nodes. In this paper, we propose an unconditionally secure probabilistic group-based key pre-distribution scheme for a heterogeneous wireless sensor network. The proposed scheme always guarantees that no matter how many sensor nodes are compromised, the non-compromised nodes can still communicate with 100% secrecy, i.e., the proposed scheme is always unconditionally secure against node capture attacks. Moreover, it provides significantly better trade-off between communication overhead, computational overhead, network connectivity and security against node capture as compared to the existing key pre-distribution schemes. It also supports dynamic node addition after the initial deployment of the nodes in the network.

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