Andrey Milchev, Jaroslaw Paturej, Vakhtang G. Rostiashvili, Thomas A. Vilgis. Thermal Degradation of Adsorbed Bottle-brush Macromolecules: Molecular Dynamics Simulation

Natural Sciences / Physics / Condensed Matter Physics

Submitted on: Sep 13, 2012, 11:01:41

Description: The scission kinetics of bottle-brush molecules in solution and on an adhesive substrate is modeled by means of Molecular Dynamics simulation with Langevin thermostat. Our macromolecules comprise a long flexible polymer backbone with $L$ segments, consisting of breakable bonds, along with two side chains of length $N$, tethered to each segment of the backbone. In agreement with recent experiments and theoretical predictions, we find that bond cleavage is significantly enhanced on a strongly attractive substrate even though the chemical nature of the bonds remains thereby unchanged.

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