Natalia A. Virnina, Ivan L. Andronov, Maxim V. Mogoryan. A Hot Spot and Mass Transfer of the Algol-type Binary System Wz Crv

Natural Sciences / Astronomy / Stellar astronomy

Submitted on: Sep 13, 2012, 17:27:45

Description: We present the results of two color VR observation of the Algol-type binary system WZ Crv (12h44m15.19s, -21d25m35.4s) which were obtained using the remotely controlled telescope TOA-150 of Tzec Maun Observatory. We determined the moments of individual minima, the orbital period and its derivative, the initial epoch, color indices V-R and temperature estimates of the components. Also we noticed that the phase curve is asymmetric: the second maximum is higher than the first one. It indicates that there is a spot in the photosphere of one of the stars in this system.

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