Alexander Egoyan. On the Influence of Air Resistance and Wind during Long Jump

Natural Sciences / Physics / Biophysics

Submitted on: Sep 15, 2012, 01:34:58

Description: In this article we perform theoretical analysis of long jumps with the purpose to find contribution of air resistance and wind into final results. It appears that in the absence of wind the drag effect during a long-jump would reduce the jump by no more than 1%. The wind has a significant effect mainly because of changes in take-off values. The faster the athlete runs, the greater the horizontal velocity at the instant he/she touches the take-off board and the greater the take-off velocity. The model predicts an increase in jump distance up to 23 cm from a jump on a still day to a jump by the same athlete with 2 ms-1 tailwind (the allowable limit for records).

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