Dong-Rui Zhang, Ping-Liang Yin, Wei Wang, Qi-Chao Wang, Wei-Zhou Jiang. Effects of a weakly interacting light U boson on the nuclear equation of state and properties of neutron stars in relativistic models

Natural Sciences / Physics / Nuclear physics

Submitted on: Sep 19, 2012, 18:21:41

Description: We investigate the effects of the light vector U-boson that couples weakly to nucleons in relativistic mean-field models on the equation of state and subsequently the consequence in neutron stars. It is analyzed that the U-boson can lead to a much clearer rise of the neutron star maximum mass in models with the much softer equation of state. The inclusion of the U-boson may thus allow the existence of the non-nucleonic degrees of freedom in the interior of large mass neutron stars initiated with the favorably soft EOS of normal nuclear matter. In addition, the sensitive role of the U-boson in the neutron star radius and its relation to the test of the non-Newtonian gravity that is herein addressed by the light U-boson are discussed. *** Journal reference: Phys.Rev.C83:035801,2011 ***

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