Antoine Acke. Gravitation Explained By The Theory Of Informatons

Natural Sciences / Physics / General Physics

Submitted on: Oct 26, 2012, 04:10:24

Description: The "theory of informatons" explains the gravitational interactions by the hypothesis that "information" is the substance of gravitational fields. The constituent element of that substance is called an "informaton". The theory starts from the idea that any material object manifests itself in space by the emission of informatons: granular mass and energy less entities rushing away with the speed of light and carrying information about the position and the velocity of the emitter. In this article the gravitational field is characterized; the laws of gravito-electromagnetism are mathematically deduced from the dynamics of the informatons; the gravitational interactions are explained as the effect of the trend of a material object to become blind for flows of informatons generated by other objects; and gravitons are identified as informatons carrying a quantum of energy.

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