Intellectual Archive. Online/offline repository for works in science and arts.

About Intellectual Archive

Intellectual Archive is a new online/offline repository for works in science and arts. It allows you to register and archive your scientific or artistic works, presents them to the entire world, protects your copyright, provides you with an ISBN and DOI for your textual work and lets you submit your work to major libraries. After the uploading of your work you will receive the copyright acknowledgment via e-mail and also the permanent link, which allows you to download the file with your work at any time. This link is very convenient if you want to demonstrate your work to prospective publishers, clients, colleagues or to your friends. We can also prepare and send you a paper certificate with your name, title of your work, short description, date of registration and the download link.

About the "Intellectual Archive" multidisciplinary journal

The "Intellectual Archive" peer-reviewed journal publishes selected full-text articles in Engineering, Technology and Technical Innovations, Astronomy, Physics, Mathematics, Economics, Education, Linguistics and Computer Science. The "Intellectual Archive" is distributed to major libraries across Canada and the US, including Library of Congress, USA, Library and Archives Canada and others. The printing of articles in the "Intellectual Archive" journal is offered at a very reasonable price - $6 per page, 5 pages minimum. Each article printed in the "Intellectual Archive" multidisciplinary journal obtains DOI for free.

1. When should you use Intellectual Archive?

When you have any intellectual works (scientific papers in natural or social sciences, your own music, photography, novels or poems, philosophic articles, etc), for which you would want to register copyright, archive and (if you chose so) to make it available to public.

2. List of intellectual works we accept.

a. Scientific papers (including astronomy, physics, mathematics, chemistry, biology, psychology, law, sociology, etc).
b. Original music composed by you as .wav or .mp3 files, MIDI files and the sheet music.
c. Literature: fiction, non-fiction, poems, scenarios, etc.
d. Photography.
e. Photographs of artistic projects designed by you (sculptures, paintings, drawings, etc).
f. Philosophy essays.

Needless to say we do not have censorship of any kind. Too many fresh ideas were rejected initially since it was too difficult for people to understand them. In contrast, we allow any idea to be published and preserved in our archive. Of course, we enforce some obvious basic rules: no racism, no libel and no insults of any kind.

3. Private registration of important documents.

You can also register the scanned image of documents important to you (family pictures, ownership papers, various certificates, etc). These files will be stored using the private option, which only allows YOU to view them. This option is very useful to keep copies of various important documents from damages by: water, fire, time, getting lost, etc. In private registration you can also zip and password protect your documents / artworks for 100% privacy. This service is also free for you to use.

4. Files, safety, and security.

All submitted files are stored at an advanced secured data center in USA ( ) with an additional backup of all files in a secured offline location.

5. Why should you register your work with us?

Registration with us provides you with an important and powerful tool in case of any intellectual rights disputes. You will always be able to use our paper certificate, reference to libraries, and files from our web site to prove that on the date of registration your scientific paper, music, essay, novel, photo, or piece of art already has existed and was under your control.
Intellectual Archive also allows you to present your work to the general public (if you chose to), to submit descriptions of your work in National Libraries of several countries, and to get an ISBN and/or DOI. This is important for publications, citing, and marketing.

6. Kinds of registrations

Registrations in the Intellectual Archive can be Public, Private, or Semi-private.

a. If you choose Public registration - your file will be available to everybody, your work description will be available to search engines, and sent to libraries.

b. If you choose Semi-private registration - the text description will be available to search engines, but the actual file with your work will not be available to the general public.

c. If you choose Private registration - neither the file nor the text description will be available to the general public. Only you (or a person authorized by you) will be able to download your work. In addition, in private registration you can also zip and password protect your artwork or document for 100% privacy.

In all these cases you will acquire the confirmation via e-mail, personal download link, and (if you choose) through a paper certificate with the title of your work, your name, registration date, download link, and the description of the work you have submitted.

7. What you should not register on Intellectual Archive

a. Our site does not provide patent protection. Even if you register your patent application as a text file it does not create the firm patent priority. If you are seeking patent protection - please use specialized patent agencies.

b. We register only works of science and art created by you. If your file includes text, music, pictures, etc created by somebody else, its registration on our site does not create copyright protection.

c. We do not register materials containing nudity under the public option. (You can still register them using the semi-private or private options).

8. How much does it cost?

Our prices start from zero dollars. If you do not need the paper certificate, ISBN, or printing and submission of your entire work to libraries - it is completely free for you.

If you want to receive the paper certificate with your name, title of your work, description, date of registration, and the download link - then you'll need to pay $10. This paper certificate can be very useful for you in case of any copyright disputes.

If you want to receive the paper certificate and to also get an ISBN for your textual work - you'll need to pay $19.99. Counting that ISBN issuing alone costs $125 ( - our prices are "more than affordable".

We can also create on your own personal web page with your curriculum vitae, links to your personal websites, photos and publication lists (all linked to posted works and indexed by See examples of personal pages on and Depending on complexity, we charge from $50 to $100 for such work.

Start with the free option. It costs you nothing and it is very convenient. Later when you will realize how great our service works and how useful it is for you, feel free use the paid options too!

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