Gaurang Nimbalkar. Security Analysis and Implementation of 3 level security using Grids,otp and Gsm

Natural Sciences / Computer Science / Functional programming

Submitted on: Jan 25, 2013, 01:28:02

Description: Increasing security has always been an issue since Internet and Web Development came into existence, text based passwords is not enough to counter such problems, which is also an anachronistic approach now. Therefore, this demands the need for something more secure along with being more userfriendly. Therefore, we have tried to increase the security by involving a 3-level security approach, involving text based password at Level 1, Image Based Authentication at Level 2, and automated generated one-time password (received through an automated email to the authentic user) at Level 3.And an assiduous effort has been done for thwarting Shoulder attack, Tempest attack, and Brute-force attack at client side , through the use of unique image set in the IBA System.

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