Yuri N. Klimov. About hapax legomena in books of the Old Testament

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Submitted on: Dec 30, 2013, 04:33:01

Description: The Old Testament is the collection of 40 sacred books incorporated by one name, and is defined by various quantity hapax legomena in them. The quantity hapax legomena in all the Old Testament in 3,05 times is less, than in all separately 40 books that speaks their duplication. The various quantity of groups of close books of the Old Testament with non-uniform quantity hapax legomena is marked depending on used techniques. The share hapax legomena volumes of dictionaries of books of the Old Testament exceeds a share hapax legomena volumes of the text as it has been shown earlier in our works and is proved graphically, curve N (F=1)/V is above curve N (F=1)/N. The lead modeling on linear, logarithmic, exponential and to the sedate equations, and also on polynoms of the second and third degree has revealed similarity and distinction hapax legomena the investigated books of the Old Testament. Relative exponential speed hapax legomena the investigated books of the Old Testament on exponential to the equation is much lowers its relative than speed on the sedate equation that confirms our earlier lead researches for other literary texts. Transition of books of the Old Testament on hapax legomena from one zone of distribution Bradford in another, except for a zone of "nucleus", that is from III-it in II-it a zone is shown, that indirectly confirms P.M. Alekseev's assumption that many rare words move to average circles of the frequency word book and there is a change of character of dependence a rank - frequency. Key words: hapax legomena, 40 books, the Old Testament, duplication, a share of volumes of dictionaries, a share of volumes of the text, curve N (F=1)/V, curve N (F=1)/N, modeling, the linear equation, the logarithmic equation, exponential the equation, the sedate equation, a polynoms of the second degree, a polynoms of the third degree, similarity and distinction hapax legomena, relative speed, relative exponential speed, the relation hapax legomena shares of vol...

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