Yu.N. Klimov. Research index G. Herdan and modeling of materials poetry A.a. Akhmatova

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Submitted on: Jun 08, 2014, 01:48:06

Description: The study of the index G. Herdan, i.e. ratio of the logarithm of the volume of the dictionary to the logarithm of the volume of the text and its properties in the following works of A.A. Akhmatova: "Evening" 1912, Rosary, 1914, "By the sea" 1914, "White flight" of 1917, "Podorozhnik" 1921, "Anno Domini" (1922, "Reed" 1940, "Requiem" 1940, Through all the earth," 1940, "The Poem without a hero", 1942 "Running time" 1960, "Seventh book" 1966 and all the verses on the same page. Keywords: index G. Herdan, A.A. Akhmatova, poetry, "Evening", "Rosary", "Near the sea", free verse, "White flight", "Podorozhnik", "Anno Domini", "Reed", "Requiem", "the Way of all the earth", "Poem without a hero", all the poems on one page, the volume of dictionaries, the volume of texts, modeling, Herdan, relative speed, exponential rate, quantitative lexicology, the angle between the cumulative curve and the curve of the dynamics of the index, three uneven areas cumulative distribution the law of Bradford, the law Zipf.

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