Mark Zilberman. "Dyson Spheres" as an Alternative to the Dark Matter Explanation of Hidden Masses in Galaxies

Natural Sciences / Astronomy / Astrophysics

Submitted on: Aug 25, 2014, 13:52:30

Description: The concept of the "Dyson Sphere" ("DS" below) is well known - to build an engineering construction around a star to utilize as much of the star's energy as it is possible. A star within the "DS" adds the star's gravity into the gravity of the galaxy containing this star, even if the star itself is hidden. Therefore if "DS" exist, the total gravity of light-emitting objects in galaxies must be less than the gravity of the entire galaxy. In fact we observe this effect, which is a well-known effect of "hidden mass" in galaxies. To solve the "hidden mass" puzzle, physicists introduced a new kind of matter - "dark matter". However (as far as the author knows) the "DS" were never seriousely taken into account as a possible solution of the "hidden mass" problem in scientific literature. Researches of gravitational microlensing put strict limits to the percentage of regular cosmic objects that can pretend to solve the "hidden mass" problem. However these researches are not fully suitable for analysis of "DS" because "DS" have no negligible size and because they do not only amplify the brightness of stars (microlensing) but also de-amplify the brightness of a stars when they travel behind the "DS". Since minimal size of "DS" must not be less than the habitable zone, we infer the "DS" radius for example for our Sun to be between 1.48x10^8 and 2.54x10^8 km or about 1/6 of the gravitational microlensing size. The data accumulated by gravitational microlensing research can also probably be used for testing of the "DS" existence. However we should not only look for A-shaped graph of brightness that is created during the movement of a star behind the gravitational lens, as well as for more complex graphs, in particularly for M-shaped and even for U-shaped graphs.

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