Yu.N. Klimov. Quantitative Characteristics Of The Novel Of L.n. Tolstoy Anna Karenina. Part 2. Modeling Cumulative Lengths, Frequencies Of Words, Word Forms And Word Usages Of Parts And Corps Novel

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Submitted on: Feb 21, 2016, 03:42:54

Description: Abstracts: This study is a continuation of two previous studies. The simulation of the following quantitative characteristics of the parts and the housing of the novel of L.N. Tolstoy's "Anna Karenina" by the method of Anthony L.: the natural logarithm of cumulative lengths of words (CLW) and frequencies of words (CFW), cumulative usage of words (CUW) and word forms (CWF) in the frequency of more than 25 and equal to 25, the natural logarithms of the CWF and the CUW at the frequency of 25 and more is 25. The dependences obtained for all the romance and its parts can be described with sufficient accuracy exponential and logarithmic equations; third-order polynomial; exponential, logarithmic equations and third-order polynomial; exponential, logarithmic equations and polynoms of the second and third degree. Relative and relative exponential speed, describing the parts and the building of L.N. Tolstoy's Anna Karenina, starting with the largest and smallest values, respectively, we have the descending and ascending characteristics. Observed similarities and differences in the sequence of parts and the novel. Averages of the natural logarithms of the CLW and CFW the difference is between 95,78 to 93,71 per cent, with frequency CWF >25 and CWF with frequency equal 25 E" 99,69 to 99.75 per cent, with frequency LN CWF >25 and LN CWF with frequency equal 25 E" up 99,96 to 99,96 per cent, the CWU with frequency >25 and CWU with frequency equal 25 E" up 98,11 to 91,87 per cent, LN CWU with frequency > 25 and LN CWU with frequency equal 25 E" 99,84 from of 99.67 per cent with a total error from 0.44 to 6.29 per cent. The closest values were obtained for the CWF with frequency >25 CWF with frequency equal 25, frequency with LN CWF > 25, and LN CWF, with frequency > 25 and Ln CWF, Ln CWU with frequency > 25 and Ln CWU with frequency equal 25, which can be selected for further exploration of texts. Key words: L.N. Tolstoy's, Anna Karenina. cumulative frequency of words, cumu...

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