Igor Zlobin. Perspective aspects of elaboration of physical and topological concepts on Time

Natural Sciences / Physics / Mathematical Physics

Submitted on: Jan 15, 2017, 01:06:40

Description: : The present research makes an attempt to summarize some ideas of topology for Time. The formulated definitions to such temporal parameters of Time as Future (F), Present (PR) and Past (P). The simulated situation, wherein clearly demonstrates the borders (Fbottom, PRbottom, PRtop и Pbottom) availability of the above mentioned temporal components and their mutual position to each other. It is introduced the conception of the universal set of Time E" UT. Formulated and proved such suggestions: 1) the shown that existence the empty set , as required by the definition of the topology on the universal set Time UT is not identified; 2) it is indicated that Present (PR), as one of temporal parameters of Time has variation character and not included in an obvious kind in the universal set of Time. It is discussed the physical interpretation of the results.

The abstract of this article will be published in the January 2017 issue of "Intellectual Archive Bulletin", ISSN 1929-1329.

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