Yu.N. Klimov. Graphemes in the novel by O.v. Pelevin "chapaev and emptiness"

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Submitted on: May 16, 2017, 04:50:27

Description: : A greater number of vowels graphemes (Gr) А, О, Е, Ю, И, Я and Э in the heads compared to the rest of the novel confirms our earlier studies. First identified the consonants Gr Н, ", Щ and Ц. The sequence Gr in the first Chapter of the novel, starting with the greatest value. For Gr A, O, E, И account for 49.59 % to 50.60 %. The number of Gr in the novel, starting with the largest value from A to Ъ was decreased, the cumulative number of grapheme (CNGr) increased, decreased LN NGr, LN CNGr increased. The shares have the same trend: the share of NGr has declined: the share of CNGr grew, in percentage to 100, which confirms our earlier studies. The number of Gr A varies in relation to all CNGr and is 29.10 E" 79.90 % to 31.95 and 69.05 %, confirming the Pareto law. A simulations of CNGr has shown that the best simple algebraic equations for the 10 chapters and the entire novel was a second degree polynomial, exponential and logarithmic equation and the polynomial of the third degree. The relative speed (the exponent in the exponential equation) chapters in all the novel changes from 0.0298 (the whole novel) to 0.0372 (Chapter 8) that characterizes the diversity in the content of the text. The relative speed of the heads and of the novel greatly exceeds the relative exponential speed, which confirms our previous study. The number of NGr on uneven areas of Bradford were as follows: I-st area Gr six and one E" seven Gr; II-nd area 17 Gr and one Gr E" 16 Gr; III-rd area E" nine Gr. The main vowels are in the I-st zone A, O, E, И; in II-nd zone У, Я, Ы; in the III-rd zone Ю, Э. In the I-st area identified three consonants Н, Т, С, in the II-nd zone E" Л, Р, ', М, К, П, ", Б, ", З, Ш, Ч (12 Gr) and in the III-rd zone Ш, Х, -, Щ, Ц, Ф (6 Gr). Noted that in the II-nd zone, there has been intimacy between the 3, 4 chapters, chapters 9, 10, 2, the entire novel, 1, 5, 8, 6, and 7 chapters of the novel and its parts, and the III-nd...

The Library of Congress (USA) reference page : http://lccn.loc.gov/cn2013300046.

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