Vira Molotylnikova. Modern Fitness Trends As Full-fledged Training For Maintaining Physical Shape

Social Sciences / Education / Pedagogy

Submitted on: Dec 08, 2022, 00:10:23

Description: At the current stage of development, physical culture has taken a place in the life of society that has no analogues in history. One of the most popular areas of mass, sports and health-improving physical culture is fitness. Today, there are many interpretations of the meaning of the word Eф-тнесE, that comes from the English EfitnessE, which means EadaptationE, EsuitabilityE and EcomplianceE. However, if we take a broader look and realize the effect of fitness on a person, we can confidently say that fitness is, first of all, health. Modern trends in fitness are a natural result of the search for effective ways to provide organized physical activity accessible to the general population in order to improve health. This article considers various types of modern fitness trends and analyzes the effectiveness and favorable factors of exercises that are aimed at improving and maintaining the physical shape of a person. The problems of the modern distrustful attitude towards fitness as a full-fledged direction of physical culture are highlighted, and the opposite is proved.

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