Mark Zilberman. The Good, the Evil and the ‘entropic Potential of an Event’

Philosophy / Ethics / Meta-ethics

Submitted on: Jan 29, 2023, 09:59:20

Description: The definitions of EgoodE and EevilE typically belong to the field of ethics. Does physics have a property that can distinguish and group EgoodE and EevilE events using only its own physical instruments and equations?

Although the physical property EEntropyE as a measure of chaos appears to be the prime candidate for such a grouping, it is in fact unsuitable for a detailed analysis. However, the EEntropic Potential of an EventE (EPE), which describes the influence of the current event to the future change in entropy, perfectly suits this role.

While the second law of thermodynamics dictates the direction of entropy change in an isolated system it does not dictate the speed of entropy growth. Events, which ethics defines as EgoodE, usually decelerate entropy growth. In contrast, events which ethics defines as EevilE, usually accelerate entropy growth.

This article presents the methods of calculating the EPE for the cases: EA commander receives an order to bombard a cityE, EA cancer tumor is growing inside a humanEs bodyE and other. This article also stresses the importance of the ETime factorE since only for a sufficiently large time interval T the EEntropic Potential of an EventE Z(T, A) can be estimated and potentially precisely calculated.

This article also checks on a scale of several centuries if real-life events are averaged in such a way that their EEntropic Potential of an EventE become negligible. This analysis shows that prior 1750 the averaged entropic potential of events occurred in human society was negative and had the value of approximately 10^17 bits (value is an initial approximation).

The term EentropyE is applicable to a very wide range of events, from physics and chemistry to art and information. Correspondingly, the significant advantages of the EEntropic Potential of an EventE as a physical foundation of the intuitive terms EgoodE and EevilE is its measurabilit...

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