Natalia A. Virnina, Ivan L. Andronov, Maxim V. Mogoryan. A Hot Spot and Mass Transfer of the Algol-type Binary System Wz Crv

Natural Sciences / Astronomy / Stellar astronomy

Submitted on: Sep 13, 2012, 17:27:45

Description: We present the results of two color VR observation of the Algol-type binary system WZ Crv (12h44m15.19s, -21d25m35.4s) which were obtained using the remotely controlled telescope TOA-150 of Tzec Maun Observatory. We determined the moments of individual minima, the orbital period and its derivative, the initial epoch, color indices V-R and temperature estimates of the components. Also we noticed that the phase curve is asymmetric: the second maximum is higher than the first one. It indicates that there is a spot in the photosphere of one of the stars in this system.

The abstract of this article will be published in the September 2012 issue of "Intellectual Archive Bulletin", ISSN 1929-1329.

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