Alexander Shalyt-Margolin. Gravity on All the Energy Steps. The Contours of a Future Building

Natural Sciences / Physics / Gravitation Theory (Relativity)

Submitted on: Feb 12, 2014, 23:41:36

Description: At the present time a theory of gravity is subdivided into two absolutely different parts: low-energy theory represented by the General Relativity (GR) and hypothetical high-energy theory E" Quantum Gravity (QG) E" that is still unresolved. In this way there is a certain dichotomy in gravity considered as a unified theory. This paper is an effort to reveal the main causes for such a dichotomy; the means for departure from this dichotomy are proposed. By one of the approaches gravity is considered at low and at high energies as a single whole dependent on the same parameters, which are discrete for the fundamental length if present.

The abstract of this article will be published in the February 2014 issue of "Intellectual Archive Bulletin", ISSN 1929-1329.

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