Bartolo Luque, Lucas Lacasa, Alberto Robledo. Feigenbaum graphs at the onset of chaos

Natural Sciences / Physics / Mathematical Physics

Submitted on: Oct 06, 2012, 08:43:11

Description: We analyze the properties of the self-similar network obtained from the trajectories of unimodal maps at the transition to chaos via the horizontal visibility (HV) algorithm. We first show that this network is uniquely determined by the encoded sequence of positions in the dynamics within the Feigenbaum attractor and it is universal in that it is independent of the shape and nonlinearity of the maps in this class. We then find that the network degrees fluctuate at all scales with an amplitude that increases as the size of the network grows. This suggests the definition of a graph-theoretical Lyapunov exponent that measures the expansion rate of trajectories in network space. On good agreement with the map's counterpart, while at the onset of chaos this exponent vanishes, the subexponential expansion and contraction of network degrees can be fully described via a Tsallis-type scalar deformation of the expansion rate, that yields a discrete spectrum of non-null generalized exponents.

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