Ervin Goldfain. On Emergent Physics, "unparticles" and Exotic "unmatter" States

Natural Sciences / Physics / Particle physics

Submitted on: Feb 26, 2012, 17:58:12

Description: Emergent physics refers to the formation and evolution of collective patterns in systems that are nonlinear and out-of-equilibrium. This type of large-scale behavior often develops as a result of simple interactions at the component level and involves a dynamic interplay between order and randomness. On account of its universality, there are credible hints that emergence may play a leading role in the Tera-ElectronVolt (TeV) sector of particle physics. Following this path, we examine the possibility of hypothetical highenergy states that have fractional number of quanta per state and consist of arbitrary mixtures of particles and antiparticles. These states are similar to "un-particles", massless fields of non-integral scaling dimensions that were recently conjectured to emerge in the TeV sector of particle physics. They are also linked to "unmatter", exotic clusters of matter and antimatter introduced few years ago in the context of Neutrosophy. The connection between 'unmatter' and 'unparticle' is explained in details in this paper. Unparticles have very odd properties which result from the fact that they represent fractional field quanta. Unparticles are manifested as mixed states that contain arbitrary mixtures of particles and antiparticles (therefore they simultaneously evolve "forward" and "backward" in time). From this, the connection with unmatter. Using the fractal operators of differentiation and integration we get the connection between unparticle and unmatter. 'Unmatter' was coined by F. Smarandache in 2004 who published three papers on the subject.

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